Fast Cure DOWSIL™ 93-104 Ablative

Vigorous protection

The tough, tenacious char characteristics and its resistance to weathering make this two-part elastomer an excellent choice for protection of launch equipment directly exposed to rocket blasts.

*Fast cure RTV also available

Paint Trowel Moldable Horizontal

As applied

DOWSIL™ 93-104 Ablative Fresh

DOWSIL™ 93-104 Ablative 10 Seconds

Temperature 3500°C

Time 10 Seconds

DOWSIL™ 93-104 Ablative 20 Seconds

Temperature 3500°C

Time 30 Seconds


  • Room temperature or accelerated heat cure
  • Tenacious char characteristics
  • Superior performance during high shear and high heat flux
  • Excellent durability to weathering elements
  • Applied by trowel or can be moldable
  • Thermal stability at extreme temperatures, and for short periods at temperatures >3000°C

International Traffic in Arms regulated

Temperature 3500°C Time 30 Seconds

Side by side – live heat / thermal

Temperature 3500°C Time 10 Seconds

Live cooling apparatus

Thermal profile cooling after 10 seconds

3D Product renderings

Below are 3D models before and after heating at 3500°C

Before heating

After heating for 10 seconds

Time 10 Seconds

Due to its tough, tenacious char characteristics, DOWSIL™ 93-104 Ablative exhibits minor topographic change after 10 sec exposure.

Time 30 Seconds

After 30 seconds, DOWSIL™ 93-104 Ablative now exhibits noticeable topographic change, but still offers the best protection for long, direct heat exposure.

Before heating

Before heating

DOWSIL™ 93-104 illustrating original char performance (left) versus original char removed and underlying surface cleaned and exposed (right).

Product comparison

DOWSIL™ 93-104 Ablative Cleaned