DOWSIL™ LPA-4000 Sprayable RTV Ablative

Durable protection

This non-slumping sprayable ablative is a one-part, room-temperature cure material, and cures in 24 hours. It provides good flame and flux resistance and can be applied by spray, roll or trowel. With application flexibility, desired thickness can be reached in a single event – providing cost and time efficiencies.

Paint Trowel Spray Multi-directional

As applied

DOWSIL™ Developmental Spray Ablative Fresh

DOWSIL™ Developmental Spray Ablative 10 Seconds

Temperature 3500°C

Time 10 Seconds

DOWSIL™ Developmental Spray Ablative 20 Seconds

Temperature 3500°C

Time 20 Seconds


  • Durable flame and flux resistance
  • Tough, tenacious char characteristics
  • Capable of coating vertical surfaces
  • Spray, trowel or roll for application flexibility
  • Unique composition enables single-pass spray applications to achieve target thickness
  • Cures in depth within 24 hours
  • Withstands extreme temperatures

Learn how DOWSIL™ LPA-4000 Sprayable Ablative stacks up against competitive materials.

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Live heat vs thermal profile

3500°C | 10 seconds

3500°C | 20 seconds

Cooling profile

3500°C | 10 seconds

Cooling after 10 seconds of heat

Spray application

Perpindicular, wide angle

Perpendicular, close-up

Equipment and spray demonstration

3D Product renderings

Below are 3D models before and after heating at 3500°C

Before heating

After heating for 10 seconds

Time 10 Seconds

Due to its good char characteristics, DOWSIL™ LPA-4000 Sprayable RTV Ablative exhibit noticeable topographic change after 10 second exposure.

Before heating

DOWSIL™ LPA-4000 Sprayable RTV Ablative illustrating original char performance (left) versus original char removed and underlying surface cleaned and exposed (right).

DOWSIL™ Ablatives Product Comparison

DOWSIL™ Sprayable Ablative Compared