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Pioneering ablative materials for the rapidly growing spacecraft and satellite applications

With launch cadence and frequency at an ever-increasing pace, the demand for cost-effective, reliable and scalable protective materials is at an all-time high. With the challenges in emerging technologies such as reusable rockets, small satellites, drones, hypersonic missiles, and mobile rocket launchers, asset protection is paramount.

We are meeting the challenge with innovative, new ablative materials, protecting launch infrastructure and deployment devices, and heat shielding external surfaces on space and defense vehicles.

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93-104 Product

DOWSIL™ 93-104 Ablative

Vigorous protection

Protects launch structures exposed primarily to direct flame from rocket blasts. Utilize as a heat shield for external surfaces from atmospheric friction at hyper-sonic speeds.

Paint Trowel Moldable Horizontal

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3-6077 Product

DOWSIL™ 3-6077 RTV Silicone Ablative

Robust protection

Protects launch structures exposed to both direct or indirect flame from rocket blasts. Designed as a heat shield for external surfaces in space and defense vehicles.

Paint Trowel Multi-directional

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LPA 4000

DOWSIL™ LPA-4000 Sprayable RTV Ablative

Durable protection

Sprayable ablatives provide application efficiencies with optimal spray performance. The thixotropic design allows multi-pass application to desired thickness – in a single event.

Paint Trowel Spray Multi-directional

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Protective silicones for spacecraft, launch structures, and defense applications

DOWSIL™ Silicone Ablatives application guide

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The inherent properties of silicones enable innovative new materials in aerospace applications. As the pioneers in silicone chemistries, our protective ablative materials are helping advance the rapidly growing space ecosystem.

With DOWSIL™ Silicone Ablatives, you are assured asset protection, improved efficiency, and reduced cycle time.

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